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    01. Fan Favourites

    The Drag scene has grown in popularity due to Ru Pauls Drag Race, we can connect you with your favourite queens!

    02. TV & Film

    Our drag artists regularly get booked for TV, Film and Commercials, DQ agency has direct access to casting agencies in the UK.

    03. Spot Light

    New featured section promoting up and coming Drag Queens, giving them the platform and support to shine in the industry.

    Drag Queens & Drag Acts

    If your new to our agency, let’s help you catch up! Since launch we’ve gained valuable experience and connections within the Drag Queen Industry, we don’t like name dropping but we’ve worked with some big brands, most recently had the pleasure of working with Virgin Atlantic.

    We welcome any offers for auditions or casting calls, email: casting@dragqueens.co.uk & we can spread the word and share it with 500 Drag Queens in our group.

    04. Experienced Agency

    DQ Agency have been in the entertainment industry for over a decade, we offer promotion, higher fees and contract negotiation.

    05. Competitive Fees

    Our agency believes in artists gaining the best fees possible, corporate or private bookings, we guarantee the best rates paid.

    06. Global Brand

    It’s a known fact DQ Agency has worldwide reach, we deal with enquiries from major clubs and bars across the globe.

    Corporate Bookings

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    What we can offer our corporate  clients, very competitive fees, access the largest portfolio of Drag Queens, short lists and secure booking process. 

    If your a casting director hired to find talent for your client, be sure to give us an email, you’ll be surprised with the results we can obtain, we guarantee your clients needs are met every time.

    We offer local Clubs & Bars that hold regular ladies events, bingo nights, huge discounts on our Drag Act fees by paying monthly or annually.

    To find out more email – info@dragqueens.co.uk

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